I started a blog…

I started a blog
(I think this would be a good song title to a Maclemore (and Ryan Lewis) song…what else does one do after visiting a thrift shop but write in their blog?)

I don’t know how to design a blog, but I’ve tried to be authentic by selecting a font with the word “english” in the description, because we’ve just moved to London.

My blog will capture little moments in our lives as we navigate a new place, new people, new culture.  We are definitely here, in London, but we don’t really know where were going…
-to live
-to send our kids to school

or what we’re going…
-to know
-to like
-to dislike
-to love

so I’ve titled this blog “(not) knowing where you’re going,” because we are here, but we don’t know what that means yet, or what it will mean in the next days, weeks, months, years.  And if you’d like, you can see that unfold.
We are confident that we don’t know what we’re doing, but that we will poke and prod at London until we figure that out.


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