Exploring Richmond

Here are some photos of the kids and I exploring Richmond.

We began by riding our scooters down a lovely hill near the water. Scooters make navigating London with the kids a lot easier!

 We arrived at the Thames in search of food and a sunny spot to relax.

 We found a spot at a place called the Slug and Lettuce…the name doesn’t evoke the happiest feelings about eating, but the food was good!  Pearl took my picture here.

 When arriving at a beautiful place, some kids like to sit near the water and observe the wildlife…

Some kids like to start a photo shoot…

…and are ready to employ many different fabulous poses when given the opportunity!

 And some prefer to sit under a table so the sun doesn’t interfere with the visibility of their screen 😉

 In the end, we had a terrific time.  I hope the kids remember this day when they are older.  I know I will!

One thought on “Exploring Richmond”

  1. I've been to the slug and lettuce! There was one across the street from joe & taryn's flat. It was good,except the night they did a coyote ugly night and had bar dancers. That, not so good.

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